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Our New Normal

As we enter into the Holiday Season, I reflect back onto this current year. The year 2020 has been a trying year for nearly everyone. Pandemics, Elections, Acts of Nature...all of these items have caused additional stress to what we all already considered hectic lives. We have seen lifelong family businesses' close permanently and numerous people who have lost jobs, homes and lives as they knew it. The Rockport Retreat House has felt these hardships as well as we experienced most Groups cancelling their Retreats from March thru October leaving The Retreat House with no viable income. Bills continued to be due even though no revenue was coming in to pay those bills. We had at times thought it was time to close our doors permanently and try to get out from under the financial strain the last three years have caused. we did after Hurricane Harvey, the Rockport Retreat House is determined to continue on and keep our doors open. We took the available down time to add more to the "home-like" atmosphere of the House. We have revamped our Rates for 2021 to allow smaller groups to enjoy the full benefits of the Retreat House while still enabling our bills to be paid. We will be adding more Spontaneity Dates to our Calendar for those former groups whose numbers have decreased in size but whose remaining members would still like to enjoy retreats. Our minimum requirements have been decreased considerably to enable social distancing while still enjoying a Retreat. Classes will be held at the Rockport Retreat House for a day or two of FUN while learning or improving techniques in various subjects from quilting, beading, scrapbooking, software classes such a EQ8, Cutting Machine Classes such as Silhouette Cameo, Cricut, Scan N Cuts, etc.

So we encourage you to look over our improved website and consider booking YOUR RETREAT for 2021 now! The Rockport Retreat House would like to wish everyone a Wonderful and Enjoyable Holiday Season.


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