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First Year

The Rockport Retreat House is working hard to become you "Home Away from Home" while you enjoy your crafts and hobbies. Now that I have a full year under my belt, I am making new improvements to hopefully make your stay more enjoyable!

Small little touches are constantly being added to benefit our guests. The goal is to try to have enough basic essentials at The House so our guests have more room to pack their craft supplies rather than personal items. I know alot of the groups still bring coolers packed with food for meals to be cooked at the House. Remember, there is an H.E.B. and a super Walmart within 5 minutes from The Retreat House. You can always buy your items once you arrive in Rockport rather than worry about getting all your ingredients before you leave. Having to keep everything on ice, possibly getting soggy if the ice melts on the trip down can be stressful. And just think how much more fabric or paper or card stock can fit into your car where that cooler was! LOL!!


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