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To a brand NEW YEAR at the Rockport Retreat House!!

Happy 2017! This new year is going to bring lots of fun to the Rockport Retreat House. I am the first to admit I did not stay on top of things during my husbands year long battle with cancer and his death during 2016. But that chapter is now closed and I plan on focusing 100% on making the Retreat House exactly what you want YOUR retreat house to be! I will be having weekend Classes for subjects such as the cutting machines (silhouette, cricket, etc). There will be weekends for learning how to get started in beading, sewing, quilting, etc!! I am back on track to do some changes to the bedrooms. Each room will have it's own theme, from such ideas as the Hummingbird Room, the Peacock Room, the Pink Flamingo room and the Blue Heron Room. I hope to make the bedrooms more enjoyable for your stay with curtains, wall decor, amenities and so much more! I have so many dreams and ideas for the House based on suggestions from you, our guests!! We will have as many spontaneity dates as possible! Those were such fun in 2016! Our first spontaneity weekend will be January 19 - 22, 2017. Check in after 3 pm on Thursday the 19th, check out will be 12 noon on Sunday the 22nd. Cost is $55.00 per night, all inclusive.

There will be no rate increases during 2017. I will have to insist on the minimums being met tho. Sunday thru Thursday the minimum is 5 persons or $325.00 per night. Friday and Saturday nights have a minimum of 10 persons or $750.00 per night. I know several groups have been bringing fewer people because they like to spread out more in the workrooms. I do provide an entire 5 foot table per person in the workroom with plenty of room to add your own personal table should you choose to do so. If you choose to do so, I have no issue with fewer people, only please be aware the minimum monetary amount must be split between the number of guests present. This will insure the House stays self sufficient and I can continue to provide the service all our guests have come to expect and enjoy!

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our new and returning guests of the Rockport Retreat House. It is a pure joy to provide each and every group a relaxing place to enjoy your crafts, hobbies or simply find some relaxing time away from the hurried fast pace of everyday life. Please do not hesitate to pass along suggestions for things your would like to see at the Retreat House.

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